Who Is Dominator Marketing?

How It All Started...

John Limbocker and Kathy Clark came together as they recognized a need to for an agency to provide ALL the elements needs to be successful in todays’ environment. All too often they heard people say business wasn’t like it once was and they ASSUMNED it was the economy. John and Kathy knew better….they had proven time and time again that you need to be where your clients are searching, with a clear compelling message, so they can’t resist but to take action.

At Dominator Marketing, We Give You More

We bring every tool to your project and once it is determined which will be most effective we make certain those tools will actually facilitate a sale. There is nothing more frustrating to a business that spends their entire budget on a website, and no budget is planned for traffic generation. Or those clients that spent a great deal of money on a brand, that has no message or recognition. Most businesses do not need to implement every tool and technique, but they do need to implement those selected fully and completely. That is why we offer all of the tools that we consider viable, that we utilize ourselves, and at which we are EXPERTS.

  • Ideal Client (Customer Profiling)
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Repair
  • Budget Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Digital Asset Creation
  • Tracking & Analytics

Allow Us To Help You Get Seen

All too often we find a business owner comes to us and says I have a website but it doesn’t do anything. That is the common misnomer. Your website is the first step. It can be an online brochure or an automated sales tool. We at Dominator Marketing have a long, deep history in driving traffic. We know the in’s and out’s of organic and the many different forms of paid traffic. We have formulas’ that determine; based on your type of business, the margin and your budget, what combination is most effective.

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